[aprssig] APRS presentations

Jack Cavanagh cjcav at cox.net
Wed Oct 8 08:50:06 EDT 2008

Scott Miller wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm giving an APRS presentation at SARCity in Barstow this weekend - if 
> anyone's got any good slideshows put together that they'd like to share, 
> let me know.  I've got an outline and a fair amount of material already, 
> but it's always nice to have someone else's stuff to look over and pick 
> apart.
TAPR provides members with an FTP site and an APRS folder with a Presentations sub-folder 
that has served the community for a number of years.  The site is moderated; you load files to the
Upload sub-folder and is it moved to the appropriate folder after vetting.



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