[aprssig] How to deal with DTMF keypad differencesbetweenmanufacturers

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 1 11:44:02 EDT 2008

> this is exactly the interface that millions of
> teenagers are completely comfortable with...
> It would be neat to see an APRS messaging 
> platform built to look like a typical cell
> phone text messaging interface.  (Sorry, I've 
> never used a TH-D7; how similar is that?)

Sorry, Please do not take this personally.....  But what a great

That is what is sad.  We have had exactly that kind of GLOBAL
keypad text messaging using the standard (except for the
location of Q and Z) built into the highest selling HT in ham
radio for TEN full years, and yet no one at the ARRL and 98% of
ham radio operators have ever used it... Because "oh, APRS is
just vehicle tracking..."

The ARRL at Dayton 4 months ago had a special session on "what
can we do to attract the youth... We need a text messaging
application..."  And I jumped up from the audience and could not
contain myself!

"We have had global instantaneous text messaging and email from
the TTpad of an HT for over TEN years and from a mobile Mic-pad
for over 8.  Yet 98% of the old fuds in ham radio have never
tried it and never will."  or words to that effect.

Can you believe?  
We have met the enemy and it is us...

I'm an old fud too.. And I don't learn each new thing in Ham
radio either..  Just what I need at the time... So this is not a
criticism, just fact.


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