[aprssig] Interesting setup ... but will it work?

Arte Booten n2zrc at optonline.net
Fri Nov 28 22:20:03 EST 2008

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Subject: 	Re: [aprssig] Interesting setup ... but will it work?
Date: 	Fri, 28 Nov 2008 22:18:29 -0500
From: 	Arte Booten <n2zrc at optonline.net>
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Hi all,

Rich G. wrote:
> ...when I tried to run UI-View with Weather Display I had problems.

     Darn!  I knew I forgot something ... probably still have!  I've
also been
feeding UI-View with data from my Oregon Scientific WM-918 (same as the
Shack WX-200) via FreeWX.

     Somehow I think this would be a heckuvalot easier if I were to just
use the
KamPlus that I own, but I wanted to put those fancy cards to good use
...    73

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