[aprssig] APRS on UHF?

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Wed Nov 26 18:29:09 EST 2008

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:

> There is no need for a standard frequency.   Use any local packet
> frequency.  UHF or 6 meters or whatever.   It becomes a communications
> cell.   All it needs to be part of the existing APRS infrastructure is
> an Igate to tie it to the APRS-IS and one station on 144.39 generating
> an identifying object using a variant of Bob's friendly local repeater
> identifying scheme.

While, yes, you can set up any "cell" you want on any unoccupied
frequency, part of the point of having a standard frequency is for other
people wanting to join in can easily get on board. With everyone
following a standard frequency plan, I don't need to know that in area
"A" I need to be on frequency 1, but as I cross into area "B" I need to
be on frequency 2.

I'm not trying to be a zealot here. Anyone can use any frequency they
want within the approved band plans. I'm just saying that we're already
experiencing fragmentation within the APRS community in regards to the
UHF spectrum, perhaps we should take it as a sign to set out and say "If
you want to use APRS on band X, you should use frequency Y." This
doesn't mean you can set up your own APRS cell (with blackjack, and
hookers!) just that you have a higher likelihood of finding something on
this frequency. Plus, people have a lower chance of picking something in
the wrong sub band.

> Hardware for 9600 baud has never been easier with the out of the box
> D710 functionality and forthcoming data rigs from OpenTracker and
> TinyTrak families...

Stupid question, can 9600 and 1200 systems co-exist on the same
frequency or if we go with a standard, would we need to pick two

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