[aprssig] Universal Messaging and Mobile Communications

Steve Bragg steve at hamhud.net
Wed Nov 26 08:25:26 EST 2008

From: "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>

 >I was pleased today to check the HamHUD site for progress and
 >saw this:
 >"... but STAND BY for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT on the NEW HamHUD,
 >which has been in the works for nearly a year.  It is in the
 >hands of selected alpha testers now, and is planned to be
 >released in time for the Christmas shopping season.  DETAILS TO
 >COME!  --KA9MVA"

Thanks for mentioning this, Bob.

We are indeed working on HamHUD 4, the next generation of HamHUD that 
will include a TNC (OpenTracker 2), as well as many other capabilities. 
  The ham radio functionality is fully integrated into a commercial 
mapping package with turn-by-turn routing.  It is wireless--no ugly 
cables between the display unit and your rig.  My test group has tested 
many of the features in the prototypes, and has given me some good feedback.

However, due to some other commitments (day job), I am running late on 
the development, and it won't be out in time for Christmas.  I need to 
change the website to reflect that.

I am shooting for Dayton 2009, but it might be available before that.

 >I hope Steve does not mind my posting that here, since it is on
 >his main web page. www.hamhud.net and the HamHUD will go a long
 >way towards fulfilling the range of options available to mobile
 >radio amateurs to help them COMMUNICATE and share local info.

Not at all, and thank you for being a supporter of the HamHUD.


Steve Bragg KA9MVA
HamHUD Nichetronix, LLC

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