[aprssig] IARU region 1 has adopted NEWn-n paradigm

Michael Conrad do5mc at friggleware.de
Sun Nov 23 14:45:42 EST 2008

Hi all,

on the IARU region 1 conference held this week in Cavtat, Croatia the Final Plenary
has accepted the Norwegian proposal to adopt the APRS NEWn-n paradigm for region 1
(Europa, Africa, CIS). Now we have a common standard across Europa and hope we can
finish the mirgation in the near future.

So, there is no need anymore for a specialized EU-NEWn-n paradigm
(see http://aprs.org/newN/new-eu-paradigm.txt).

In addition there are some parts inside the EU-NEWn-n paradigm, that can
confuse people while reading.

-- paragraph from new-eu-paradigm --
Europe needs to decide if it is easier to convince all the users
to change their PATHS to TRACEn-N or simply change the DIGIS so
that WIDEn-N becomes Traceable.

This will handicap the migration to NEWn-n, some people are using TRACEn-n
instead of WIDEn-n. There should be only one correct possibility to setup an
APRS device.

Thanks to all supporters of the norwegian proposal in C5 commitee

      Michael Conrad

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