[aprssig] APRS Comment/Status Text Guidelines

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 20 11:27:19 EST 2008

> Your proposal presupposes that the APRStfc 
> utility would run alongside APRSdos...
> running that would pose a problem for me...

But all we need is someone to write an on-line parser for the
Maryland Traffic data web page, and then turn around and send
the object packets out the serial port for an attached TNC,
done.  THen it does not even need any other APRS support.  It
could just be a background task on any PC..

I keep hoping someone would get excited about this and write the

For my one choke point, I have considered just a remote
controlled audio TX.  THen as I approach my fork-in-the-road, I
can command up the transmitter 3 miles down the road and can
HEAR if traffic is at 60 MPH or is at a crawl...  And make my

Wow, another way would be to add a PIC that monitors approaching
APRS mobiles.  When it see's one approaching, it turns on the
transmitter for a listen..  Done.

Bob, Wb4APR

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