[aprssig] APRS Comment/Status Text Guidelines

Jack Spitznagel frawg at frawg.org
Thu Nov 20 10:34:32 EST 2008

Hi Bob, All,

Did you ever look at using the the automated reporting info that is
provided by many states with traffic monitoring systems? Maryland may be
an exception because of the urbanization of the central part of the
state but look at:


and the associated map system at:


Click on the Baltimore - Washington area to see their map display which
also  reports "traffic events" . 

The position of speed monitoring equipment is well known and it is
updated every 5 minutes. You could cherry pick the monitoring points you
want to report over the system as described below. I have been
considering a way to create my own "POI's" that map that data using the
SV2AGW tracker...

Just a thought!
Jack - kd4iz

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> We experimented back in the 90's on radar guns and acoustic
> sensors but found the simple tracking of other APRS stations to
> be the easiest method for automatically generating these signs.
> See www.aprs.org/traffic.html
> In a city, someone prepares a list of traffic choke points.
> THen the APRStfc.EXE program monitors the APRS mobiles through
> those points and updates the signs objects.
> Then any followon APRS travelrs can see on their radios, the
> speed of traffic past these favorite checkpoints.
> Bob, Wb4APR

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