[aprssig] APRS Comment/Status Text Guidelines

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 20 09:11:16 EST 2008

>> There is one other free floater 
>> but it is unique to the SIGNPOST
>> object which is a floating [xxx] 
>> anyhwere in the object text
>> field that is the value "xxx" to 
>> put on the sign.
> Weren't signposts supposed to be in 
> curly braces, like {abc}, instead of 
> square brackets you use above?

My bad.  You are right.  A sign post with {55} in the object
text should display a sign with "55" on it.  This was for
showing the speed of traffic past a point.

We experimented back in the 90's on radar guns and acoustic
sensors but found the simple tracking of other APRS stations to
be the easiest method for automatically generating these signs.
See www.aprs.org/traffic.html

In a city, someone prepares a list of traffic choke points.
THen the APRStfc.EXE program monitors the APRS mobiles through
those points and updates the signs objects.

Then any followon APRS travelrs can see on their radios, the
speed of traffic past these favorite checkpoints.

Bob, Wb4APR

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