[aprssig] Universal Text Messaging and SMS

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Nov 5 15:13:33 EST 2008

Robert Bruninga skrev:

> But the most critical system will be the reverse Email ==> APRS
> gateway. The ability to send an SMS message or Email to
> "CALLSIGN at ARRL.NET" and have that message gated over into the
> APRS system for delivery to the end user.  (or it could be
> @AMSAT.ORG or @APRS.ORG etc?)
> The coding for this system should be easy, but the challenge
> will be
> all the garbage, spam, and FCC filtering required to protect the
> system from abuse.  Are there any SMS experts who want to
> weigh-in on this?

I'm not the expert but i have made a system allowing Norwegian HAMS 
sending SMS to an APRS station.

For this to work they first have to send a SMS to a short numer 2440 
with APRS as the "codeword" and the APRS-IS passcode and callsign.

If the passcode is correct for the callsign this mobilenumber is stored 
so that the user can send a SMS to an APRS station without this 
procedure the next time.

I know the "security" is based on people not exploiting the passcode system.

This is stil very beta as i want the SMS to be formated to TH-D7/TM-D7x0 
etc based on the last known package.

I also want to be able to send the aprs.fi static picture 
(http://aprs.fi/static/LA3QMA )as an MMS but this is not on the list 
yet. i.e if you want to know where a station is you get a MMS with the 
text for the position and a nice picture etc.

I have not enabled the APRS to SMS as this requires some fine tuning.
One issue here is "roaming" my SMS server uses Norwegian price but if 
some people send/receive an sms from other countries the price pr. sms 
is a little tricky.

Kai Gunter

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