[aprssig] Trying to identify GPS Modules?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Mar 30 12:34:14 EDT 2008

Deluo doesn't manufacture any GPS receivers.  I believe those are both 
Polstar modules.  The newer Deluo Pro is a Navisys.

Most of those companies will put your brand name on the product if you 
order a certain minimum number.  Progin makes the ADS-GM1 (their 
SGM-208) with my label and connector, for example.  I opted for a custom 
label to avoid confusion, since the ADS-GM1 version has the connector to 
plug straight into a tracker, while the SGM-208 doesn't.

Anyway, the wire colors are probably consistent with the Deluo branded 
units.  That means green is data out, white is data in, red is +5v 
power, and black is ground.  I think yellow is TTL data.


Mark Miller wrote:
> At 05:54 AM 3/30/2008, you wrote:
>> Small 30k images here:   http://www.lprs.com.au/gps/
>> Any ideas/help appreciated, or links to info.
> These are Deluo GPS units.
> http://www.deluogps.com/products.php?id=6
> 73,
> Mark N5RFX
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