[aprssig] SMART Networks

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Sat Mar 29 18:31:18 EDT 2008

> how is that
> going to make those new people feel about the application? If you
> got to be
> changing paths all the time and not able to concentrate on the trip is it
> worthwhile?

It's not that tough (in North America at least).

Mobiles and portables use a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 but do no digipeating

Digis and IGates enable their success.

Fill-in digis (as needed)
 traceably operate packets addressed via WIDE1-1

High-elevation full-service "S-overlay" digis
 traceably operate packets addressed via WIDE1-1 or WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 or

IGates let us show off our VHF work to our poor friends and family who only
have the web.
It works!
73, Cap KE6AFE


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