[aprssig] Low-cost weather station

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Sat Mar 29 16:49:27 EDT 2008

By a good quality station like Davis which has all one needs and it 
conforms to NWS/WMO standards. Davis are not the cheapest but in my 
opinion great. Ray,  I agree with you on sending out "bad" data, its a 
total waste of time. You might as well step outside and say " yep its 
windy today" and broadcast that.

thats my Australian 5cents worth

Ben Lindner

Ray McKnight wrote:
> At some point, someone needs to ask this.
> I guess I'll play devil's advocate.
> Low cost is always a consideration for most of us, 
> especially in various aspects of the hobby which we
> don't directly need in fulfilling our primary goals,
> Getting "on the air" and "talking" or "communicating".
> Increasingly, data may fulfill this role as primary.
> My question is, how do these sensors compare, in the following aspects:
> 1)  Durability - will they be reliable?
> When a big blow renders an anemometer dead, at a remote site,
> it may likely be dead for quite a while.  Then the question arises
> as to whether it's financially wise to replace it.
> 2)  How is the accuracy?
> How do the sensors compare to the typical, low-end consumer grade stuff
> (Peet, Davis, etc).
> 3)  Is there any provision for upgrading due to changes in things like
> WMO reporting requirements?  I suspect, like most other low end stuff,
> It's pre-programmed and cannot be changed.  Most likely, it doesn't
> Conform to current NWS/WMO standards.  Most folks don't care, but I
> refuse
> To provide "bad" data (i.e. data not in current compliance with current
> Reporting standards).  If you're using it for your own personal use,
> Not an issue.  If you forward the data to NWS/CWOP, you should care and
> Be aware of the implications.
> 4)  Are there provisions for calibrating these sensors.  Especially
> baro?
> Software offsets... maybe I expect too much.
> 5)  Scott, will you assume responsibility for US customer support,
> warranty
> replacement, all that??
> Don't shoot me for just asking.
> Ray - WB3ABN
> Kingston, WA
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> I think without the humidity and pressure sensors it'll be competitive 
> with the AAG 1-wire station - and with the sensors, cheaper than the AAG
> station with the equivalent sensors added.
> It should leave me with several cubic meters of space left over in the 
> container, so I'll be looking at other stuff I can get at the same time.
>   Lots of cables, for starters - those are expensive to ship in small 
> quantities.
> Scott
> N1VG
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