[aprssig] Considering buying a D7 - More Qs & comments.

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 29 01:38:29 EDT 2008

Thanks, Jason, Jan, Mark, Ron, Stephen H, Greg, & Greg,

   So...  it comes with the wall Xfmr, a GPS connector-cable and the manual(s),
right ??

> ... the radio must be turned off in order to charge...

    So, then, is it a standard 1/10 C charger  something like (60 ma.) for 16

    Does the radio terminate the charging or does the Ham?

> I got a 9.6 volt 1450 mAh battery and a drop in charger from

    Is that a Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad?
    Is it the same size or bigger?
    I figured they had one, but hadn't checked.  I'll consider it.

> [GPS is]   true RS232.

    This is cool!  Come to think of it, so's the D700.  I should'a figured.   I
built a surface mount converter into a DB-25 for the 706 and in a DB-9 for my
TH-F6A (I got better at it and found a roomy-er DB-9).   Though I would if
needed, I didn't like the thought of making another one.

> The factory rubber duck antenna sucks, but then lots of them do.

    This is a given.  I have to chuckle whenever anyone complains about a
ducky.  A compromise antenna is a compromise antenna, but, then, I can spit on
4 of the local repeaters.

> well, yes, a "wall wart" as i hear they call it in USA;

   Yep.  Some time ago, someone called the plug-in transformers that, and it
stuck.  They save the work of getting Underwriters Lab  approval.  The Wart
menufacturer did for you.

>... the PC connector?
>>...solder the ends to a DB9 connector...
>> Look in the files area of the yahoo! Kenwood TH-D7 group.

   I just signed up, but I assume this is in the manual.

> >   After market batteries.
>I use Kenwood's AA cell holder.

    For me, a necessary option.

> ...late .. early one. Both gave trouble...with touch tones. ...
>  was not pre-emphasis...and at 4 khz dev.

    Yea.  3 kHz to keep out of clip.  Don't expect needing DTMF, but it's good
info.  I'll look at that when I get it.

> The radio's DC input can accept 12 VDC directly.  With 12 VDC in, the TX 
power increases over that from the 9.6 VDC battery alone.

    The Cig lighter adapter is another necessary option for me.

>... you wouldn't want to TOTALLY run down the battery before recharging.

    Depends on how you catch it.  Ni-Cads should be cycled once in a while,
even the newer ones without memory effect.

>...the battery state indicator is only displayed during transmit, ...

   Hmmmm.  Interesting.

> I have had success transmitting with the power adapter when the HT
> was on the lower power setting...I also think it did work on high power when
> on a stiffer power supply (the shack's 13.8v system, via a cigarette plug).

    I'm not actually interested in transmitting with the adapter, just wanting
to know the capability.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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