[aprssig] SMART Networks

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 28 12:15:32 EDT 2008

>> Give us a break, Bob.  The way to manage the 
>> network is to let the digi node operators 
>> define a 'service area' geographically, then 
>> digi any packet originated in that area, and 
>> ignore all others. 

Then today we see on the SIG:

>The only thing that is locked out are... digipeaters 
>that are located outside of the Lubbock NWS coverage 
>area.  Sometimes this blocks a legit traveller who 
>operates a digipeater with his own callsign.

In this example, apparently Lubbock Texas has constrained APRS
to focus on support of National Weather Service support at the
expense of the occasional  traveler, visitor, communicator,
first responder, or anyone else passing through or nearby, or
needing to get an RF message through or around Lubbock finds the
network does not work as expected..

This is not the first time that travelers have reported
inconsistent APRS performance in the Lubbock Texas area.

Yes, ignoring out of area digis was a good stop-gap measure back
before the New-N paradigm to force a reduction in unwanted QRM.
I wonder if it is time to see if these draconian traps and
filters are still required in that area, or if the DX QRM is now
less than it was.?

The more APRS works the same and consistently everywhere, the
closer we are to providing a consistent service to all of HAM
radio and travelers.  And visiting first responders.

Bob, Wb4APR

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