[aprssig] Icon for an SUV

Boyd Prestwood K5YKG k5ykg at arrl.net
Fri Mar 28 11:08:33 EDT 2008

Bill Borgstrom wrote:
> The Icon for an SUV is a 'k' together with a '\'
> How do I change the following packet to change the icon to an SUV?
> N9TN-1>APRS,qAR,N9TN-VS:=3349.13N/11153.55W- my message from Carefree 
> AZ!!!
> 73 Bill N9TN
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In your packet, you would change the "/" character immediately following 
the "N" in your latitude to a "\" and the "-" character immediately 
following the "W" in your longitude to the lower case "k".

BUT, the symbols are going through a revision and purification right now 
and for the software that is able to be modified, no symbols have been 
redrawn yet.  Stephen Smith, WA8LMF, will be working on the UI-View 
symbol set when all the dust has settled.  Bob, WB4APR will do the DOS 
set.  I don't know what other softwares can be changed, if any can be at 
all.  Right now, best to use the "Jeep" symbol which would be "/" after 
the "N" in latitude and a lower case "j" after the "W" in longitude.

Hang in there. We're getting it all sorted out, eliminating dupes etc.
Have fun, Bill, es 73 de Boyd Prestwood K5YKG

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