[aprssig] Considering buying a D7 - Some Basic Questions

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 00:49:41 EDT 2008

  It'll be nice to have the portable APRS as well as the Sky Command 
capabilities.  Neither the latest QST article on the (G), nor the original
article gave info about what is included with the radio (except the GPS cable).

 Specific questions:

Does it have an in-radio charger?

If so, is it a wall transformer / power supply with that really small inverted
(female) power plug?

Can the radio transmit on the above charger?

Is the supplied GPS cable &  2.5mm connector similar to the D700 one? (very
thin, soft and fairly long)

What is the PC connector?

I'm pretty sure the interface is TTL and that there are level converter designs
on the web.  (I've designed and built my own level converters for the 706 and

Comments welcome on:
    I believe I've heard that the battery life is a bit short.  The ARRL
articles say 90ma drain Rx.  That's fairly high.  The one they are selling is a
9.6v. 600mah battery. instead of the 6v. 650 mah.  which amounts to 6-2/3 hours
    The Rapid charger.
    After market batteries.
    Anything else.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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