[aprssig] Free Ham Mobile Web Page (MAP.FINDU.COM)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 25 17:45:02 EDT 2008

>> Spread this around to your non-APRS ham friends:
>> -------------------------------------------------
>> Does everyone realize that they all have their 
>> own callsign WEB page that they can update 
>> anywhere, anytime, via ham radio and even without 
>> internet access?
> This is going to take more than "a TNC with you in 
> your car". It will amount to a full-blown mobile 
> laptop  APRS installation....

I guess the original idea came from the AMSAT mobile guy who had
a laptop and admitted to knowing packet, but has never operated
APRS.  But you are right.  Even though the technician and
general exams now do include some basic understanding of packet,
we still are losing the ability of many new hams to communicate
digitally over RF.

> A far simpler "lite" installation would consist of 
> running UI-Instant Messenger on a WiFi-equipped laptop.

Except that it requires internet access.

I guess I am still trying to appeal to the ham radio operator
that does have a TNC somewhere in his piles of junk, and should
be reminded to exercise it now and then for RF digital comms.

Hummh... MAYBE...  What we need to define is the minimum setup
of AGWPE so that a laptop with sound card plugged into the
mobile Mic jack could do the above, that is, send out a grid
square posit, some objects, and some messages without all the
other APRS bloat?

Actually, that would be the better minimilist subset for
maintaining one's own map.find.com/callsign web page via RF
while traveling...

Bob, Wb4APR

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