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I have a Dell Inspiron remote mounted in the trunk with a touch screen
mounted on my dash.  I've got a 12-lead control cable that runs with the VGA
cable and a tiny push button switch mounted just below the LCD that allows
me to turn on and off and reset when it hangs.  The dell has a surface mount
on-switch that was very each to solder two wires to.  See my previous post.

The mouse is mounted to my arm rest and is RF, so no wires are needed and
actually is more convenient than the touch screen.  I have a micro-keyboard
in the glove box when I need to type an address or run RTTY.

And not sharp at all, not to worry.


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Dr. Michael Hatzakis, Jr., MD,
Sorry if this is a sharp response but the computer
will be remote mounted where the switch will be.  If
the switch is in the trunk for example and a remote
monitor is in the front seat, how do you push the
power button? (My original post is below)    


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> What's wrong with a power switch?
> M
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> >> Hi,
> >> Will someone explain how they are turning on and
> off
> >> their computers if they are remotely mounted
> >> physically away from the display screen like
> under a
> >> seat or in the trunk?  The way I understand
> computers
> >> is that they have a physical on/off switch.  If
> they
> >> lose power such as through an ignition sensed
> relay
> >> they shut off until you push the switch to turn
> them
> >> back on.
> >> 
> >> Thanks,
> >> Chris 
> >> KB8UIH

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