[aprssig] GPS Power and RS232

Leonard Revelle n9ij at comcast.net
Tue Mar 18 10:26:42 EDT 2008

I use a Garmin eMap (serial NMEA), TM-D700A, and UI-View in my truck.  
Connect the GPS to the radio, as instructed, and the laptop to the  
D700 serial connection. You will see your position and receive NMEA  
waypoints on UI-View map. if all is set up correctly. No "Y" needed. I  
actually use Precision Map with UI-View PMapServer. I can run a second  
iteration of the app to see outside the current position map for  
directions, etc.
Len Revelle N9IJ
n9ij at comcast.net

On Mar 18, 2008, at 2:06 AM, Steve Noskowicz wrote:

>>> Also can some one tell me if a serial data from a GPS can be tapped
>>> to go to the THD700 AND a laptop?
>>         I believe you can use a simply "Y" connection and be OK.
>>         7 3
>>         Earl
>   By "Y" remember that the GPS Tx data (should be able to drive, but  
> no
> promises for all GPS units) can go to both radio and computer Rx  
> data lines,
> but all other lines must be handled appropriately.  The radio Tx can  
> go to the
> GPS Rx for way point upload to the GPS, but the computer Rx line is  
> already
> spoken for, nless you use a second port.  The control lines on the  
> computer
> must be un needed/ignored (I think that's called no hardware  
> handshake).
> -- 
> 73, Steve, K9DCI
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