[aprssig] DGPS?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Tue Mar 18 00:37:09 EDT 2008

At 12:25 AM 3/15/2008, Michael Carey wrote:
>I've been playing with an old Racal Landstar IV DGPS receiver. I'm 
>using the Omnistar L-Band service in Australia. It has a GPS 
>receiver of it's own, but I also feed the RTCM data into my Garmin 
>GPSMAP 60CS. It works great.
>You can see a picture of the Racal unit mounted in my mobile here :-
>I've got an Omnistar subscription valid until later this year, 
>probably not going to renew it at around A$2.5K per annum!

         Wow, that's pretty expensive!

         I was actually just curious is anybody was still using 
DGPS.  I get the feeling that people think WAAS is going to end the 
usefulness of DGPS.  The map on the Coast Guard site shows almost the 
whole country has coverage, though, and much of the country has 
coverage from multiple stations.

         I think I'm going to get my GBR-21 hooked up again and use 
it with my GPS-V.  When all my radios got stolen 4 years ago, they 
got the pigtail for the GBR-21, so I have to order a new one -- $20+ 
and shipping brings it to about $30 for a plug and  some wire.

         7 3

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