[aprssig] Data cable for Garmin GPS V

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 00:41:10 EDT 2008

Hmmm  Guess I put this into drafts while I went looking for the URL and forgot
about it

  I've been using a GPS V  for years. 

   There's only one ground for both power and RS232. 
 DB-25 on Computer:
      Pin 3 receives data (from GPS)
     Pin 2 sends data (to GPS)

DB-9 has the functions of pins 2 and 3 swapped (go figure).
      Pin 2 receives data (from GPS)
     Pin 3 sends data (to GPS)

I have to check "the book" every time I do this.

When I use higher power on 2M the GPS's power detect circuit thinks I have
removed the external power from the car and starts its power down count down. 
I may have cause this by using a cig plug that pre-regulates and drops the
voltage too low before the GPS.  Try to get some bypassing in the connector.
   I got my connector(s) from a ham who tooled them up and does the Phranking
(sp) (shareware) thing.  Send $$ if you like what he sends you.  Google GPS-V
and phranking.  I think I have the URL, but on another computer.


--- Earl Needham <earl_needham at yahoo.com> wrote:

>          Looking for information on building a cable to connect my 
> Garmin GPS V to my HamHUD.
>          The GPS V has four pins --
>          + -- for power input
>          - -- for power ground
>          Data in (for DGPS receiver, etc)
>          Data out (to TNC)
>          It's been several years since I built one of these -- isn't 
> there a "data ground"?  And does it simply connect to the same pin as 
> the "power ground"?
>          And -- which pin on the DB-25 is meant for data in?  Data out?
>          Thanks,
>          Earl
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