[aprssig] No Points for APRS for Field Day 2008

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 11 14:49:37 EDT 2008

Hi, Kent,
                Still set up your APRS and use that as Education or training
for the bonus

1/  Educate people on the use of  APRS in general

2/ Train them on the use of APRs in an Emergency 

This should cover the rules for Field day if the rules allow 

73 Phillip
  4. Re: No Points for APRS for Field Day 2008? (kb2scs at optonline.net)
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Hi Kent
             You are correct.
The demo mode has been dropped for the 2008 FD.
It has been replaced with an Education or training bonus.
On 10 Mar 2008 at 17:36, KENT HUFFORD wrote:
> Guess I missed the email.
> Am I correct that "Non-Traditional Mode Demo" is not part of Field Day
> I could not find it in the 2008 rules.
> >From the ARRL 2007 Field Day Rules>
> 7.3.10. Non-Traditional Mode Demonstrations: A maximum of 300 bonus points
> (100 points for each demonstration up to three) for setting up a
> demonstration of a non-traditional mode of amateur radio communications.
> This includes modes such as APRS, ATV, and SSTV.
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