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I always found that to be quite interesting. In the USA on occasion you can
see a Motorola Micor I believe on HF but that is about it. I know that
Harris has made commerical HF radios but never seen them up for sale

How large and expensive are they over there? I wonder if it would be cost
feasable to search long distance to purchase one if interested?

I ran a HFGate for over 8 years on a Kenwood TS-850S/AT 24/7 365 and after 2
trips to the repair station and the APRS-IS going on line I gave up. That
was/is a great rig and should not be wasted on one specific frequency
getting very little use.


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The use of ex-commercial SSB rigs for HF packet is not unusual over
here. I have two such rigs here for packet, one on 40m and the other on
20m, and their performance is more than acceptable. I only ever buy
commercial spec crystals that are manufactured to the radio
manufacturer's specifications for the radio. There's no such thing as a
one size fits all when it comes to crystals, and the extra cost for the
right crystal pays dividend.

Ray vk2tv

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