[aprssig] APRSCE and KISS TNC

John Hansen john at coastalchip.com
Fri Mar 7 09:56:40 EST 2008

Do you have any additional information on this?  I'm a bit surprised 
because I thought that Rob once told me that APRS/CE did support KISS.  
Not having a WinCE device, I never was able to test it myself.  Also, 
I'm wondering what you meant by "orphaned".  Rob's web page still seems 
to indicate that this product is alive and being sold.

Thanks for any information you might have.

John W2FS

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> rfinesmith at aol.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know whether APRSCE will work with a KISS TNC.  
>> Unfortunately, documentation for APRSCE appears to be lacking.
>> Thanks,
>> Rob AA3NJ
> No, it doesn't.    I brought this up with the developer shortly before 
> it was orphaned, relative to being able to do a real digipeater on the 
> TH-D7 (sophisticated digipeating requires access to the raw RX 
> packets; i.e. KISS mode).

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