[aprssig] Symbol for packet digipeater

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 5 09:50:09 EST 2008

> Dumb question:  if [a packet node] is not used 
> for APRS, then will it not be shown on APRS-driven 
> displays?

It should.  But it should not be a green star.

The original objective of APRS back in the early 90's was to be
a situational awareness system to collect information about
everything going on live locally in ham radio.  This included
every packet system, every DX cluster, every ATV repeater, every
net, every anything.  If it is immediately in use, then it
should be announcing that with a packet.

So yes, all packet nodes beacon their presence.  Our objective
was to get all such beacons to include LAT/LONG so we could see
where they are.  

PACKET NODES:  send beacons.  Should include posit
DX clusters:  send beacons.  Should include posit
              APRS already captures and displays SPOTS
BBS & PBBS's: send Mail beacons.  
    That's why "MAIL" is one of the standard APRS 
    TOCALLs and why APRS will capture that packet 
    and show who has mail.

Its the "tracker mania" that has misslead most amateur radio
operators into thinking of APRS as just a vehicle maping system,
and not the rich resource of local activity it was designed to
be.  Please see:



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> What would be the correct symbol to use for an object
representing a
> packet digipeater that is used for general packet, not APRS?
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