[aprssig] APRS Weather hops and rates

Mark Williams kf6yu at cox.net
Mon Mar 3 00:19:47 EST 2008

I'll weigh in with my setup that has worked well for eight years now.  My WX 
station is remote at my cabin, 100 miles from Phoenix where I live with the 
closest digi about 60 miles away.  That digi is mountain top so has no 
problem getting into the Phoenix metro area and multiple igates.  I use 
WIDE2-2 with an 11 minute interval.  That way I avoid periodic traffic into 
the digi.  I have about a 75% packet success rate for the most part. 
Everyone in the area, including NWS, tracks my reports.  One hop wouldn't 
work if the goal is to get my reports into the Phoenix metro area.


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>I think you are right.  Direct is pretty useless.  Ill remove
> that.  One hop then is the minimum...  And Ill add variable
> beaconing rates dependent on weather echanges for the
> future...Bob
>> From: Jason KG4WSV [mailto:kg4wsv at gmail.com]
>> Seems to me a direct or 1 hop path will deny
>> RF-only operators (e.g.mobile, field operations)
>> a real picture of what's happening (or
>> what's about to happen) in their area.
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