[aprssig] Tempn-N and the D710

Jay Freeman az.quail1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 18:43:52 EDT 2008


I am setting up an OpenTracker 1+ to use on my ATV when I go riding in 
the remote areas of Arizona. I have been playing wiht it here at home 
tring to get the D710 in my truck to digipeat it using the path of 
TEMP2-2. UITRACE is on, with an alias of TEMP on the D710. The D710 saw 
the beacon from the OT1+ but did not digipeat it. What am I doing wrong? 
I'd like to get this working since the HT I'll be using on the quad only 
puts out 5 watts which will probably not be enough in the mountains. But 
if it can reach my truck and then get digipeated I should be OK. I often 
ride alone and it would be nice if my friends and family could at least 
know where to look for the body if something goes wrong :).


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