[aprssig] IRLP APRS Status Script: Multiconnect Bug?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 25 08:56:34 EDT 2008

> ... some of the IRLP nodes are connected to several 
> Tier 2 servers... Looking at the IRLP APRS script(4.0 )...

I just checked FINDU and of the first 6 IRLP Objects out of 50,
only one is in the correct recommended IRLP/APRS frequency
standard format.  We need to figure out why this script is not
yielding the consistency we need?  In this list, I cut out the
date/lat/long so they fit better:

;IRLP-4740*442.600MHz T141 R20m OFFLINE  [Yes, correct!
;IRLP1148 *147570S100IDLE R15Km          [No . & no - 
;IRLP-8045*146940s123IDLE                [No . 
;IRLP-8549*431.640MHz simplex PL123Hz >REF9504 [C overlay?
;IRLP-4942*446325-146IDLE                [no . Tone fmt?
;IRLP-4090*442850+71IDLE                 [no . Tone fmt?
;IRLP-8045*146940s123IDLE                [has Freq in CALLSIGN

The objective is the following format to show on all APRS maps
and GPS units and radios the location, frequency, tone and range
of nearby IRLP nodes:


Where IRLP-NNNN is the object name
Where Tnnn is the tone in Hz (no tenths) with leading zero
Where RXXm is subjective useable range in miles (or km)
Where STATUS is the present node status.

See www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

Where can we correct the IRLP information and docs to get
everyone onto the same page?
The format did evolve over the last 4 years or so, and so it is
expected that we will have to clean this up after the fact...
Even my docs may be confusing?


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