[aprssig] tactical call identifier packet

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jul 24 19:55:05 EDT 2008

> Anybody every thought about using something like a DNS server? Have one 
> system that accepts inquiries about serial numbers and maps them to call 
> signs. Since APRS acts a lot like a single broadcast domain clients that 
> overhead a request-reply could just cache the entry, minimizing traffic. 
> The mappings could be aged out of the cache and/or reverified 
> periodically. Then you only have one place to update the mapping. I 
> grant you doing this would require a change to all APRS clients but so 
> would any major change.

Yes.  For position lookups and such, anyway.  I seem to remember I had a 
working prototype based on BIND, but I can't remember what I did with 
the code.  I think it's probably on the old Win2k server in the rack in 
the garage... I'll have to see if it still boots.

Or are you talking about on-air lookups?


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