[aprssig] RC-710 Kenwood and IC-2820H

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 23 16:24:59 EDT 2008

> Have you connected and used RC-D710 Kenwood
> display head and an IC-2820 D-Star already ?

No, but I have a friend who is buying one this week and he will
hook the two together...

> One technical friend ,says that the electronics 
> are too different, and I will break the two 
> equip (RC-710 and IC-2820)

Well, the RC-D710 with its PG-5J voltage regulator and interface
cable should be the same as connecting any external TNC to any
radio.  The PG-5J provides a regulated 10 volts to the RC-D710
panel.  Then the "DATA" DIN connector  is actually the audio for
connection to the radio audio TX and RX circuits.  In my mind
the connector should not be called "data" but be called
"audio"... But then all the MFR's call it "data" because that is
where you connect your "data modem" in this case a TNC or the

But I do not know the audio interface of the IC-2820. You may
have to break out the TX audio, PTT and RX audio and interface
them at the appropriate places on the IC-2820.  If it has a DIN
connector, then I don not know if the two audio connections are
compatible or not.

But do not plug te RC-D710 RJ-45 8 pin connector into the RJ-45
8 pin connector on another radio unless you know they are
compatible.  They probably are not compatible at all.

I hope this helps.  Maybe next week my firend will report on his
results with his RC-D710 and his 2820...


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