[aprssig] Has any one tried

Garrett Sloan garrett at datplace.com
Tue Jul 22 20:00:54 EDT 2008

I "almost" bought into these and the Navman system a couple of years ago
when we were looking at deploying AVL for our fleet.
The local rep was having "issues" so we went elsewhere for a solution. They
are a nice unit, have 2 RJ45 connectors one for RS232 and one RS232/RS485
port. They also have a ps2 connector for a standard keyboard.

>From what I remember again and working with one for a couple of days the
programming wasn't that bad from what I remember, The standard menu system
is already there, and any additional programming is all done in C.

They were nicely priced as a AVL package, and a nice unit, but I think they
might be a bit costly for just APRS use as a messenger alone. They have the
capability through to be much more than that with coding, I'd think of them
more as a programmable and graphical hamhud with keyboard entry with the
ability to also act as a very powerful tracker/digi with the addition of a
TNC and radio.


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A local commercial AVL outfit here had an open house a while back, so of 
course I couldn't resist (both for the free beer and food, and to ask 
annoying questions of the technical staff.)  They had some of these in 
the lab.  I want to say that they were around $400, but I have no idea 
if that's the price they were selling them for, the wholesale price, or 
something I just made up after too many free Boston Lagers.

In any case, you can see that the text entry relies on a phone-style 
keypad.  Not what I'd call ideal, or at least not if you're over the age 
of 20.


Phillip wrote:
> Hi,
>       Just looking around at what is available in the way of message
> for APRS has any-one looked at the following
> http://www.navmanwireless.com/oem/gps/gps-data-terminals-maps/mdt-860-oem
> http://www.navmanwireless.com/oem/gps/gps-data-terminals-maps/mdt-850-oem
> Any input welcome good or bad..
> 73 Phillip

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