[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 22 15:26:20 EDT 2008

>> Correction to... displays on D-STAR radios...
>> ID-800 and IC91-AD will display lat/long when they 
>> hear GPS messages (not GPS-A)....
>> IC-2820 and IC-92A will additionally display the 
>> distance and bearing of the received position...

Twisting two threads together... the Full APRS display
capability can be added to a DSTAR radio by just connecting the
RC-D710 Display Head to the Speaker and Mic audio of the analog
side of the DSTAR radio and tuning it to 144.39.  A $199
solution that gives the DSTAR radio all the capabilties of the
D710 (except for the tune button and auto-freq-in-status TX).

If regulated 10 volts was available from the radio, then the $87
external regulator/cable kit could be avoided.  Has anyone done
this?  Photos?  

I think others had mentioned something like this, but not until
today had I realized the RC-D710 display head had dropped to
under $200. (though as Phil points out, the 10v regulator and
matching cables can add another $87, though it is only an 8 pin
RJ45 (I think)...


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