[aprssig] TM-D700 w/RC-D710

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 22 14:52:43 EDT 2008

>> Actually, it is an extremely versatile accessory, 
>> since it can be hooked to... any radio or HT...
> I should have been more clear.. the reason why it 
> was not popular is because, if you use it with any 
> radio besides the TM-V71, you have to buy the 
> optional cabling kit for close to $100....

Good point.  I though the cabling kit came with the RC-710 in
the RC-710 price?  I could be completely wrong.  I see the
RC-710 going for $199 and the PG-5J regulator/cable kit going
for $87...

But I thought the only reason there was a separate price for the
PG-5J was because those people who already had the D710 control
head might want to use it portable on a different rig and so
would need to get a separate PG-5J regulator/cable set...

But I guess the RC-D710 display head would not need the outboard
cables and 10 volt power supply when it was used with the
TM-V71, so maybe that is why it is only $199 and then you do
have to get the cable/regulator set for general purpose
connection to other rigs and 12-16volts external.

The $87 cable set contains the 1 amp 10 volt regulator for
operating with mobile voltages from 12 to 16 volts and a
break-out box for connecting to other radio's audio...

Thanks.  But you know, this does make a great add-on to DSTAR to
give those mobile operators the full APRS display system...


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