[aprssig] Auto-TUNE in the D710 for objects

Ian ZL1VFO zl1vfo at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 06:59:36 EDT 2008

Hi aprssig-request,
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> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 -0600Hz LA7BR
> This tunes to 145.750 and xmit on 145.150 and this is correct.

> And this is ok as it follows the paper Bob have written with one 
> exception and that is you have to use the offset in Hz and not the 
> frequency in MHz

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> Kai Gunter

Hey Kai,

Have you tried assembling any beacons that have a positive split to
see how a D710 behaves to them?

I suspect that here in ZL, if any D710s exist, we'd tend to have the
EU version rather than the US one, so any insight you can give could
prove useful.


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