[aprssig] Auto-TUNE in the D710 for objects

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
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This obviously can be confusing.  For the future, it would be nice if it was put into the form:

IF aaaa

   THEN DO it like this xxxx

IF bbbb

   THEN DO it like this yyyy

IF cccc

    THEN DO it like this zzzz


73, Steve, K9DCI

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Jesse (KC5LOS) skrev:
> You right that the D710 ignores the object name if there is a MHz in the 
> status. If you drop the MHz in the status and I understand correctly 
> that you still use a -0.6 offset then it should tune just by dropping 
> the 145.150Mhz or just the MHz if the 145.150 needs to be there.

If you read the posts again you see that i does not tune to the correct 
offset on an "modified" european version.

> ;146.980 -*111111z2820. N/09810. WrT107 R30m George West K5YFL
> I do not get a Frequency over on the right of the display and the radio
>   will STILL TUNE because it pulls the frequency from the beacon label 
> and uses my AUTOREPEATER offset to tune.

And again this doesnt work if you have an european radio.

> I am alittle confused as to why the 145.150 is there. Unless its for 
> information of the input of the repeater for those that don't know the

> offset or split. Differences in the continents I guess?!?

If you read the first posts.. i put it in there to show that the radio 
has not adopted the system that Bob was talking about.

i.e that the radio can tune to an frequency if the object name is a 
The system also says that the second frequency setting should be used if 
thers an "odd" shift. This doesnt work as the radio then ignores the 
objectname and think that the second frequency is the RX frequency.

> If you drop the MHz in the status text then that should fix the issue I 
> would think.

no it doesnt.

> Jesse

So just to repeat what i have observed:

;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 LA7BR
This tunes to 145.750 but the repeater split is not
activated even if the radio setup is using "auto
repeater offset on"

So then i'll try to "trick" the radio to do it the right way:

;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55Er145.150MHz C097 LA7BR
This tunes to 145.150 and xmit on 144.550

And then i'll do this in a way i know it operates correct:

;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 -0600Hz LA7BR
This tunes to 145.750 and xmit on 145.150 and this is correct.

And this is ok as it follows the paper Bob have written with one 
exception and that is you have to use the offset in Hz and not the 
frequency in MHz

As the radio does not work on UHF with the autorepeater function it's 
important that those objects get this shift in the object.
In Norway we now use 2MHz split on UHF.

The range for the autorepeater should be possible to change. On mine 
radio it's from 145.100-145.495 and this is to low for what we use here.

Maybe i ask for much ;o) but the possibility to change the default 
repeater shift should be possible.

Kai Gunter

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