[aprssig] Filezilla help?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 17 14:40:57 EDT 2008

Help! Grrr....

Im trying to use FileZIlla to transfer files to the new APRS.ORG
site, but a few .html and some .txt files simply fail every
single time..  It is impossible to transfer them..  I have
changed their name. changed them to .bin, .exe, .jpg, but they
simply fail every time.  The other 500 files so far have gone

The transfer times out, then I think it retries, then  it brings
up a dialog box asking if I want to overwrite the 0-length file
that (apparently failed the first time).  But none of these
overwrites work.  I even delete the file from the target site,
and try again, and renaming...  But these small handful or so
fail every time.

This one, for example fails...


Yes, you can view it with your browser, but the source will just
not FTP from that site to the new site.  If anyone has ideas to
overcome this, lemme know.

This is taking a while, since I have over 150 web pages to
transfer and probably 900 files...  And I am completely
re-organizing them in the process...


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