[aprssig] HAMFEST objects REDUX

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 16 17:16:12 EDT 2008

> First go to http://map.findu.com/HFEST*
> There today, I see 3 objects. One for 
> the 3rd (03C), one for the 12th (12I)
> and one for the 20th (20a).

Surely there are more than 3 hamfests over the next 30 days in
the USA?

Seeing local info on the front panel of your APRS radio is like
the old dead-band conundrum.  That is, unless someone is
transmitting, there is nothing to receive...

If we want to capitalize on the value of APRS to the mobile
operator, we need to be digilent in posting local relevant info
for them to see.  I was guilty when I began this email and
realized I could be posting the one in our area.  Mine is the
20a one... And posting it discovered a bug I have to fix too...


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