[aprssig] FW: APRS & SKYWARN

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 16 15:49:34 EDT 2008

A new APRS skywarn group sent this to me... In case anyone wants
to comment to them... 


I'm excited to know there are at least two of us in N. Minnesota
that can see the potential for APRS. Most of the information you
need to get started is at:
I started out practicing inserting, moving, editing and deleting
objects off line. I've been on line for two SKYWARN ops this
month and tweaked my procedures a little. Some tips
1. Start with a clean screen. Exclude icons not necessary to
your op. Nothing on my screen not related to the current
situation. This includes NWSGet. I have the radar image on
another screen.
2. Originally I placed reports with time in the object comment.
This required NWS viewers to click on the object to see the
report. Now, I create a new object for each report with the
appropriate icon and tag such as HAIL 2316 and place it next to
the spotter. I see NWS uses Zulu time so I will do the same next
time. Also will look at a different color tag for reports.
3. Notice, I only have one mobile with a tracker on this
activation. No problem as long as the other mobiles give
accurate position reports when they move.
4. Messaging with NWS has been a failure so far, but, someday.
I do this from home where I'm no distracted. I continue to get a
little frustrated with NWS cluttering RF with requests for
spotter locations when they're on the screen but I'm working on
that. I'm also working on getting UIView on a flat screen
monitor in front of our net control op. He is still using a
paper map and Post-its. Old dog, new trick stuff, it takes time.
See my screen shot for Monday evening, Jul 14th. I'll also cc
this to WB4APR so he can see that somebody is listening and
maybe he will have a comment or advice.
73,  K0NII

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