[aprssig] Inexpensive use of Trackers

John johnk.mchugh at att.net
Tue Jul 15 12:33:07 EDT 2008

Dave Waterman wrote:

>I found an inexpensive solution in my junk 
>box.  I took out an old IC-2AT HT and a spare TinyTrak.  There was 
>one item I needed to purchase - I went to Home Depot and bought a 
>motion-sensing light switch. 
> Now when someone enters the house, I get one or 
>two 'pings' per detection when they arrive and again when they 
>leave.  We now know when, and for how long, someone was in the house 
>by checking the log of events for that site.
How would you  archive the data for several weeks worth-to be reviewed 
upon returning


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