[aprssig] Easier Way to Post Objects?

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 10:49:34 EDT 2008

Stephen WA8LMF wrote:

"These are being sent by the M0CYP-developed UI-View plugin "APRS 
Events".  I have the announcements for a given meeting set to start at 
15:00 hours the day before the meeting (to pick up the afternoon 
drive-time "audience" the day before), and expire about an hour before 
the end of the event.   

APRS Events operates from an easily-edited text file list. I have the 
meetings and swapmeets queued up for the next six months. In turn, I 
have APRS Events transmit on a path via an explicit digipeater callsign 
(N6EX-1) rather than WIDE2-2 so the bulletins tend to blanket only the 
San Gabriel Valley area (where the clubs in question are) rather than 
all of the greater L.A. basin via multiple WIDE2-2s simultaneously."

Ah .. so there IS software available to manage event objects and

But I guess the problem remains that you need to have UI-View hooked to a
local radio running 24/7.

I just wish there was a way to get away from that requirement. If only there
was a way to input the object/announcement to the APRS IS stream from a
central database, but have it aired on RF in only selected locales. Anyway
to make a selected IGATE respond to a "please air this packet" signal from
the IS stream? Guess not.

Ralph KC2RLM

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