[aprssig] Fwd: Kentucky Space Balloon-1 Launch 12PM (1600h UTC)

Keith Stevenson ki4ybq at ki4ybq.net
Mon Jul 14 07:49:04 EDT 2008

APRS enabled balloon flight over the southeastern United States today.

Keith Stevenson, KI4YBQ

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On Monday 7/14 at 12:00PM Eastern, Kentucky Space Consortium (KySat)
will launch "Balloon-1", a mission high-altitude balloon mission to the
edge of space.  The balloon will carry a suite of instruments to measure
characteristics of the atmosphere magnetic field of Earth up through the
stratosphere.  The flight string also includes HAM communications
equipment and hi-resolution digital imagers.  The launch will take place
from the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport and is projected
to land somewhere in eastern Tennessee.

If you would like to track the progress of the mission in real-time
(expected to last 3-4 hours), you can click on the links below:



For HAM operators, the balloon will carry a simplex voice repeater which
will cover all of Kentucky and much of the neighboring states on 144.34
Mhz.   The Kentucky National Guard Command Vehicle and the Kentucky
Emergency Management Command Vehicle will be participating in the launch
and we will attempt to up-link live video from the launch site and from
a live video from the balloon during the flight via a bridge from the
military networks to the internet (I will send details on the internet
feed once it is established).

Wish the students luck, they have worked very hard to get this payload
together and have done some great work.


James E. Lumpp, Jr.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Kentucky
Lexington KY, 40506

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