[aprssig] Wow, what a lot of traffic!

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sun Jul 13 14:20:44 EDT 2008

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> Earl Needham wrote:
>>>     I was in Los Angeles a few days ago, and the amount of packets I saw 
>>> was simply incredible!  
>> [By the way, did you see my Echolink object in Pasadena a.k.a. 
>> "438.15PAS" on your display?   Located in Pasadena at a "mere" 950 feet 
>> above sea level at the foot of the 5000' San Gabriel Mtn range.]
> And I forgot, did you see the bulletins I transmit of upcoming ham club 
> meetings and swap meets?   

	I saw several packets go by with various information -- I believe I saw 
something about EchoLink at one point, as well as several about what I 
mentally files as "get-togethers".  Unfortunately, the HamHUD simply 
scrolls the packet across the screen, and when the next packet arrives, 
the last one is gone.  It isn't very conducive to actively monitoring a 
frequency, but it certainly works great for sending positions, 
messaging, "hooking" stations, etc.

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Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk
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