[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

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> Yep, except it does "break squelch" in that there would be at least one
> beep for every transmission through a repeater.  If the signal is very
> weak, there could be audio generated on the receiver if the forward
> error correction gets defeated (this happens, the generated audio is
> "affectionately" called the R2D2 effect).

Forgot one more thing: if a transmission with silence for audio ("data-only") is being received correctly (no R2D2), the other people trying to use the frequency for voice communications will likely key up over the data causing both transmissions to be lost (similar to a collision in AX.25 or doubling on a repeater).  The only way to avoid this is for all the voice communicators to always be looking at the radio (which shouldn't be happening when driving ;-).  While most of the radios will not transmit on an in-use channel based on "auto-transmit when data available on the data port", they will transmit when you physically press the PTT button.


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