[aprssig] APRS Frequency info?

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Jul 7 04:06:02 EDT 2008


Note that Irfanview can seriously "P" off some security/AV system
programs, particularly those that check for programs that run code in
data buffers (DEP).  It's doubtful Irfanview is malicious, but take
care.   Some versions of Vista, and later incarnations of XP with all
security settings enabled, may complain, or even prevent it running.


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Then twiddle the resulting images in Photoshop.  Jack up the contrast,
crop and resize from it's native multi-megapixel resolution to something
like 320x240, reduce the color depth from photographic high-color to 256
colors (you'll never notice the difference on screen shots or images of
maps) and save as a GIF image.  If you don't have PhotoShop, the
freeware IrfanView program from <http://irfanview.com>
<http://irfanview.com>  can perform these operations just about as well.


That sounds nice, I intend to take a good look at that later, What's the
"unoficial bugfix" version (KomPozer) like? 


Dave G0WBX

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