[aprssig] Old adnauseum subject: APRS Source Routing

Bob Naegele rnaegele at countryspeed.com
Sun Jul 6 16:42:53 EDT 2008

At 01:20 PM 7/6/2008, you wrote:
>As too often happens on mailing lists, everyone staking out turf and
>talking past each other. Do all of you _really_ talk this way to people
>when you are face to face? That would be a remarkably unpleasant crowd
>to be around.
>I take issue with Bob's frequent assertion that APRS is "perfect" for
>whatever topic is at hand, but, in most cases I don't have anything
>positive to offer so I watch from the sidelines.
>Pete seems to be protecting his on D-STAR turf and bristles at Bob's
>suggestion that _it_ is less than perfect.
>Rather than hunkering down in our various bunkers and tossing grenades
>over the walls, what if we used this medium for, oh, I don't know,
>communication? This type of turf warfare is one of the reasons that
>amateur radio is on the decline.
>In this post, Jason tells Bob he is out of touch with the networkigencia
>of today. That doesn't seem to advance understanding on any side. Bob
>has stated his reasons for preferring source routing in a world of
>absentee digi owners. Wouldn't it be more to the point to advance an
>argument on how modern networking concepts could be implemented
>sucessfully in such an environment along with their advantages? The same
>would go for all the complaints about Kenwood-centic protocol
>restrictions, sloppy documentation, etc, etc, etc.
>Approaching these questions as problems to be solved by discussion and
>consensus seems to be much more interesting than flamefests. But maybe
>I'm in a minority. These types of interactions, both on lists and in my
>local ham group are what have driven me back to computers, networking,
>electronics and the maker ethic while my radios gather dust.
>I'll now return to my corner waiting to be told I'm ignorant, off topic
>or in violation of FCC rules...or more likely all three. Have fun.
>Jason KG4WSV wrote:

Jason, you are right on target. I have dropped other news reflectors for 
that very reason.
Rational discussions are becoming more and more rare. When it ceases being 
fun and
educational, I am gone.

Bob, w9mz 

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