[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sun Jul 6 10:10:58 EDT 2008

  See below:

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>Take your own advice.  I will not apologize for being honest 
>and forthright in my statements.  If you feel offended, so be 

	Being honest and forthright is one thing, demeaning those who may
not agree with you or understand your posts is quite another.

>I was not the one to pursue a course based on ignoring 
>information previously provided civilly in private emails. 

	You certainly were not civil in several of your later public posts
in this thread.

> If 
>someone should apologize, IMO, it should be Bob for misleading 
>this group with innuendos based on lack of knowledge and 
>centered on demeaning a protocol and products he knows nothing 
>about solely to make them conform to his view of how things should be.

	Perhaps, in your private discourse with Bob, you may not have
sufficiently explained the issues at hand in a manner or context he could
relate to.  Whatever the reason for the misunderstanding, his apparent
misconceptions could likely have been cleared up with a few more civilly
constructed posts.
>IMO, this whole thing is way off topic and I will only respond 
>to reasoned posts on this list that directly apply to APRS.  I 
>ask that D-STAR discussions be held on the lists that have 
>been established to discuss D-STAR centric topics.

	Once again, in the future, please refrain from personal and
demeaning attacks upon others on this list.  We expect better from you.  

Bill KC9XG

>Pete Loveall AE5PL
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>D-STAR mobiles?
>> Pete,
>>         Please mind your manners, you certainly know better.  Your
>> demeaning
>> comments also reflect poorly on you.
>>         IMO, an apology is in order, both to Bob and to the entire
>> list.
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