[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

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> I'm just trying to have an open dialog to find a way to work
> around these limitations, and how to plan for a future that will

They are only limitations in your limited view of the amateur radio world.  It is a pity that you approach everything that is not APRS as having "limitations".

> If it cannot be done in the existing D-STAR protocol, then lets
> figure out what is needed to make it so that it can?  Then we
> approach ICOM and ask for it.

Icom neither owns the D-STAR protocol nor do they dictate what it is.  The D-STAR protocol was developed by the JARL and is a public protocol specification.  Icom licenses the protocol from the JARL.  When people such as yourself read the word "digital" and immediately -assume- "data", you set out to change something you don't understand to match your limited view of the world.  For once, instead of trying to "dumb down" another organization's efforts to fit your limited model, look to what the other organization's efforts bring to the table and what areas of opportunities they open up.  In this case, you are not going to get the JARL to modify the D-STAR digital voice specification to make it AX.25 (or any other data protocol).  D-STAR DV is a very efficient voice protocol and that is what the Icom radios are designed around.  To try to degrade that protocol and force it into your model is very arrogant and self-serving on your part.  While you may think you know what is best for all of hamdom, I think you will find that there are a lot of hams out there that disagree with you.


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