[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 5 12:55:25 EDT 2008

Off-track response:

> This is the same misbegotten attitude which keeps APRS 
> from becoming more usable (your "new paradigm" still 
> insists on trying to source route AX.25 which is terribly 
> abused world-wide, usually unintentionally).

Not wanting to spin off track, but the New-N paradigm is not
trying to "source route AX.25", we are source routing "APRS
information" which happens to use AX.25 because that was all
that was easily available 16 years ago and which everyone
already had.  The originator of an APRS packet knows (in real
time) where he wants his info to go...  He should learn about
the network and how it works.  

WIDE2-2 should work everywhere.  More immediate local info can
use WIDE1-1.  Its really pretty simple for users to understand.
Espceially now that the New-N paradigm allows even WIDE2-2
packets to be limited to one hop where the network is saturated
(Los Angles for example)... WIDE3-3 can be used in some remote
places where it is needed.

And since the APRS-IS takes everything in by definition, then
there is nothing else the originator needs to know to be seen
worldwide.  If there is not an igate within N hops of his area,
then get one.

Letting draconian absentee digi-sysops determine routing of
packets based on their own ideas about what a packet is and
where it should go simply will not work in a ham radio system of
come-as-you are and fly-by-night digipeaters that come and go
and that once in place sometimes take a decade to change the

Sure in 20x20 hindsight there could be better designs.  But most
of them depend on pre-conceived definitions of what information
is and where it should go and a 100% responsive and flexible
network managed by real-time prescient sysops.  (Although this
can exist in some areas of activity, it does not exist across
all of ham radio where a mobile might travel).  And APRS is
intended to be a simple wide-open information channel.  Where
the senders themselves are in the best position to know where
they want their packets to go.

For what its worth..

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> > D-PRS by Pete and D-GATE by Rich have done a wonderful job
> > bringing D-STAR mobiles over onto the APRS maps.  I am
> > to see more and more of these mobiles on APRS.
> >
> > But now as Yeasu joins Kenwood as anotehr TWO-WAY APRS
> > displaying local information to the front panel for the
> > operator, I am wondering what we can do for displaying
> > local info to the D-STAR operators?
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