[aprssig] Where is the D710 UNPROTO parameter...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 5 11:37:05 EDT 2008

> A new kid on the block has a D710.... I figured
> it shows as a 700 because the D7/D700 are "D710
> UN-aware"... I wondered what the UNproto is for 
> the D710, but he can't find it (APKxxx)...

Its APK102, but that only shows up in messages, so we added a
"=" on the end of the D710 mie-e packets to be able to
distinguish the D710 from other D700's.  So look for peoples
D700 text that ends in "=" and if they are not transmitting
their frequency, you might see if they are aware that using
STATUS #5 would make them able to be contacted.

> P.S. My club APRS overview was *very* well received.  
> ... three fellas said that it re-kindled their 
> interest and may fire up their TNC's or whatever.

Yes, too many people got off track with APRS thinking it is only
a vehicle tracking system (transmitting), when the intent was
exactly the opposite, an information Display system (receiving)
for local ham radio information of immediate value to the mobile

When people say "APRS? I see no need to tell others where I am",
then that is a lead-in to tell them that they completely missed
the point of APRS..  Go from there...  Tell them everything that
could be going on right now in the community that should be
announced and displayed on APRS etc.. Not just APRS...


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